About us


Hi friends! We are Susana and Georgina, we are sisters and graphic designers.

We started Abicoshops back in September 2021. We wanted to created something truly special for every dog parent and that is how Abicoshops came to life.
We named Abicoshops in honour Abi, our senior French bulldog of 11 years.

Each piece is illustrated by hand, from your favourite pet photo. Because we custom-make each piece it takes around 2-3 hours to create every detail of you pet. 

We offer the highest quality detailed pet illustration and embroidered pet portraits for pet parents.

As soon as we finish your artwork, we will share a proof for your approval or work together on a revision, then your order is moved to our production line to get printed or embroidered and shipped to you. 


ABI: the BIG BOSS ! our senior French bulldog of 11 years

NES: our French Bulldog of 10 years, always willing to play


ELIAS: our English Bulldog, always available for appears in photos or videos 

YOSHIFER: our tinny chihuahua, so much personality in a small body!